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Landholders are playing an important role in reviving long-stranded wetlands in the Murrumbidgee valley.

Working with the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), farming families north of Balranald are helping to restore vital ecological sites with amazing results.

Lakes that have gone without regular flows for decades – and longer – are seeing the return of thousands of waterbirds including several threatened species.

Plants, too, are making a comeback thanks to a combination of active revegetation and the movement of seed from natural seed banks higher upstream into the long-stranded wetlands.

See the difference water and teamwork can make as you watch ‘Cherax Swamp and Hobblers Lake Bounce Back’ and ‘Paika Lake’.

Water ribbons at Steam Engine rookery

Water ribbons at Steam Engine rookery. Photo: J Maguire (OEH).

Cherax Swamp and Hobblers Lake Bounce Back

Paika Lake

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