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Glenelg Hopkins CMA is currently running a Waterway Management Twinning Program. The program pairs river management professionals from across south-eastern Australia with the purpose of collaborating to deliver world class river protection and rehabilitation projects.

The Program has arisen from the CMA’s 2013 Australian Riverprize win, from which the CMA was given $50,000 by the International River Foundation and Australian Government to deliver a knowledge sharing and capacity-building project.

The Program currently has ten participants from six organisations including: North Central CMA, OzFish Unlimited, the Arthur Rylah Institute, Melbourne Water, the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network and Glenelg Hopkins CMA. These participants have formed five partnerships, often in the form of mentor and mentee.

For the next year, these partnerships will work together on specific waterway management projects. Grants have been provided to support the partnerships, primarily to cover travel costs associated with travelling to each other’s regions.

Glenelg Hopkins CMA has been fortunate to enlist the assistance of Dr Siwan Lovett in the running of the Twinning Program. Siwan is well known and much respected in Australian River Management networks being Director of the Australian River Restoration Centre, an Australian Riverprize Judge, editor of the RipRap magazine and co-presenter/facilitator of the Peter Cullen Trust Science to Policy Leadership Program.


P22. Participants of the Waterway Management Twinning Program during a three-day workshop in Warrnambool

Participants of the Waterway Management Twinning Program during a three-day workshop in Warrnambool


The Twinning Program commenced in August 2015 with all participants attending a three day workshop in Warrnambool and Melbourne. The workshop, led by Siwan, proved to be both inspiring and insightful, and established strong professional bonds throughout the entire group.

The group will meet as a whole twice more – once in February 2016 to check in on progress of individual projects and then in July to wrap up the Program and celebrate its collective achievements.

Glenelg Hopkins CMA will be seeking sponsorship opportunities to allow the Twinning Program to be run again in the future.


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