Promoting healthy ecosystems and communities in the Billabong-Yanco region

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The Billabong Creek is one of the longest creeks in Australia, flowing 320 km from north of Holbrook to its confluence with the Edward River at Moulamein. Fourteen minor tributaries flow into Billabong Creek, together with the major tributaries of the Yanco and Colombo Creeks.

The Yanco and Colombo Creeks provide a corridor linking the Murrumbidgee and Murray River systems. These creeks deliver water for agricultural production and town water supplies, provide important areas for recreation and cultural values and support important ecological areas including wetlands, riparian vegetation and populations of threatened fish.

Murray Local Land Services is undertaking a whole-of-system approach to improve the resilience and productivity of the Billabong-Yanco System by promoting healthy ecosystems and communities.


Funded by the NSW Government and the Australian Government National Landcare Programme, the project is focused on the waterways in the region and the environments, communities and production values they support.

By focusing on economic, social, and ecological aspects of the region, the project aims to:

  • improve the region’s economic productivity and diversity,
  • increase community cohesion and diversity, and
  • improve the condition, diversity and connectivity of the ecological aspects of the system.

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Since early 2014 the project has achieved the following:

  • Brought together community members, State and Commonwealth Government agency staff, community groups and Local Government to collaborate on issues affecting the region
  • Supported  events to bring communities together and increase knowledge and appreciation of the region’s environment
  • Carried out surveys of native vegetation, fish and wetlands along the Billabong, Yanco and Colombo Creeks
  • Funded detailed studies of a population of threatened Trout Cod in the Yanco Creek
  • Improving integrated management of the creek system through improved planning, monitoring and communication between stakeholders and agencies
  • Assisted local Councils with upgrades to infrastructure to improve opportunities for community members and tourists to appreciate the area’s environmental values
  • Provided grants to community groups and individuals for activities that promote the Billabong region and bring communities together
  • Identified and prioritised weeds having significant environmental, economic and social impacts in the region
  • Funded trials of innovative technologies including virtual fencing, subsoil manuring and mechanical removal of African boxthorn

Over the next year the project will implement a wide range of activities including:

  • Development of an integrated water management plan for the system
  • Continuing monitoring of flora and fauna of key wetlands across the region
  • Education program for local schools to educate them on the region’s unique environment
  • Conducting field days and develop materials to assist landholders manage priority weeds such as African boxthorn, Sagittaria and Horehound
  • Collaborating with local Indigenous communities to compile and publish information on the region’s cultural values

The project will continue to engage with the community and key partners to ensure the Billabong Yanco Creek System continues to support thriving ecological communities, agricultural enterprises and rural towns.

Partners and stakeholders:

The Billabong Yanco Creek Project is delivered in partnership with:

The Yanco Creek and Tributaries Advisory Council (YACTAC)

Office of Environment and Heritage

Fisheries NSW

Riverina Local Land Services

North Conargo Land Managers

Edward River Council

Federation Council

Murrumbidgee Council

For more information, please contact:
Elisa Tack Senior Land Services Officer
(02) 6051 2233

Further information:
Murray Local Land Services
Australian Government National Landcare Program  Murray LLS - NLP Combo (2)

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