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Lake Victoria is a shallow lake approximately 60 km downstream of the Murray-Darling junction covering approximately 12,000 hectares.

It is a naturally occurring lake which in the past received water when the Murray River flooded. Works to install embankments and regulators in the 1920s turned Lake Victoria into a highly managed off-river storage which today serves to ensure South Australia’s flow entitlements are met. The Lake relies entirely on water diverted from the Murray River to ensure environmental and cultural values are maintained, while fulfilling its role as an off-river storage.


This image was captured by Australian UAV staff and shows the vast expanse of shallow water at Lake Victoria.


In 1994 when the water level of the lake was lowered for maintenance reasons, aboriginal artefacts and a large burial ground were uncovered. Measures to ensure their protection have since been put in place, recognising the signficance of this area for Aboriginal people.

A plaque at Lake Victoria commemorates the aboriginals who lost their lives at Rufus River near Lake Victoria in 1841.

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Lake Victoria was used as a training ground by the Royal Australian Airforce during WWII. Six men are reported to have died, and an aircraft remains at the bottom of the lake bed to this day.

Visitors to Lake Victoria can view the scenery from a Lookout overlooking the Lake.

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Australian UAV


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