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On a recent trip to map parts of far Western New South Wales, Australian UAV staff took some impressive aerial photos of Kulcurna Homestead, a station on the Murray River near the South Australian border. This part of the Murray features iconic tall red sandstone cliffs and a horizon that seems to stretch on forever.


Kulcurna Station and Homestead has a rich history dating back to when the area was a cattle station and the Murray was an important link for paddle steamers carrying freight and passengers between towns and cities.


A gravestone in the area is the resting place of Mr. William Thomas, who resided at Kulcurna Station in the 1800’s with his wife and seven children. His death is reported in the website Lonely graves in the Murray Valley as follows:

One of his sons, James, later reminisced on the somewhat bizarre circumstances surrounding his father’s untimely death in 1881; viz; “We were building a wool shed and father said he would go down to Reedy Island and cut canegrass for the roof of the building. He took the boat and pulled away taking his dog, Cur, with him. That evening Cur came home but, although mother waited up, father did not return. Next day John Higgins, then a smart active young man between twenty and thirty, and my brother rowed to Reedy Island to investigate.
Edwin pulled the boat round the little island and Higgins walked through the reeds; he found father dead. He lay on his back with a heavy bough, which had fallen from a dead tree, across his face. His death must have been instantaneous. The branch was about six inches through at the thick end. The day before, there had been a heavy thunderstorm with a high wind. Father was in a little clearing among the reeds.”


These days, Kulcurna Homestead is available for visitors to stay and enjoy the surrounding landscape and wildlife. A self-contained homestead is available, as well as camping spots on the banks of the Murray.

In this video by Brett Montgomery, Paul Hansen explains what makes Kulcurna such a special place to stay.


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