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Hopkins Wetland Restoration Project

Wetlands are a distinctive part of the Victorian landscape. They provide habitat for a unique suite of flora and fauna, act as sediment traps, filter nutrients from catchments and provide recreational opportunities for people.

They are areas of land where water covers the soil – some all year and others just at certain times of the year. They can be natural or artificial. They have great diversity and attract a range of wildlife, and include swamps, marshes, billabongs, lakes, lagoons, saltmarshes, mudflats.

The Glenelg Hopkins catchment has more than 5,400 wetlands, covering 73,000 ha or three per cent of the region’s area. This represents 14 per cent of Victoria’s total area of wetlands and 44 per cent of the state’s total number of wetlands.

This project is part of the Hopkins Works Program and focuses on protection of wetlands in the upper catchment. Funding will assist landholders to fence their wetlands and allow for managed grazing where required.

The development of a communication and engagement strategy will assist in delivering key messages to stakeholders about protecting wetlands and reducing their potential loss due to drainage and cropping.

Talking Points

Engage with landholders in the upper Hopkins catchment to provide project information about wetland protection and retention and gain interest in the project

Develop an information management decision support tool that guides the CMA in identifying where to invest on-ground works funding

Develop individual projects and provide funding to successful landholders to undertake on-ground activities including fencing to exclude and/or manage stock, tree planting and pest animal control where required

Develop a communication and engagement strategy for the protection and retention of wetlands in the upper Hopkins and how to best deliver this message to the community and key stakeholders

Undertake awareness raising activities to increase knowledge about the importance and value of wetlands in the region.

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