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The Grange Burn flows through Hamilton, located in the centre of the Glenelg Hopkins region, and is a tributary to the Wannon River.

The Grange Burn and surrounding area is important for agriculture, recreational pursuits and contributes substantially to the social well-being of the Hamilton community. The waterway holds high environmental values supporting threatened native fish including the endangered Variegated Pygmy Perch, Little Galaxias and Glenelg Spiny Crayfish. The Grange Burn is also home to one of the districts healthiest populations of platypus which can be regularly spotted from the walking trail.

The Grange Burn Restoration Project has been working across the banks of the Grange Burn for the past three years to restore and rehabilitate the creek and surrounding areas.

Activities of this project have focused on removing large sections of woody weeds, maintenance of existing vegetation, laying down mulch and the planting of native trees, shrubs and grasses. To date, over 21 300 plants have been established, 10.8 ha of woody weed control and over 12ha of mulching and maintenance work.

A recent collaboration between Wannon Water, Southern Grampians Shire Council and Glenelg Hopkins CMA will benefit the Grange Burn with over $70 000 of funding for beautification and improvement works. The funded works will be undertaken over the next two years and aimed at further enhancing the banks of the Grange Burn improving environmental values and boosting recreational amenity for the local community.

Urban reach of the Grange Burn in Hamilton.

Talking Points

Many banks of the Grange Burn have been cleared of poplars and other non-native plants to allow access for recreational fishing, create native habitat corridors, promote instream health and boost water quality.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been used throughout the project to establish aerial photo points and monitor change. UAV footage was also useful in identifying the extent of woody infestations.

The project will reinvigorate and create healthy and important public recreational space for residents and visitors to enjoy in Hamilton.

A native plant use garden and interpretive sign have been established in the urban reach with support from Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners and Windamara Aboriginal Corporation


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