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“A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself”

 Laura Gilpin, The Rio Grande


We love our rivers, wetlands, lakes and billabongs, and Riverspace has been created to link enjoying our waterways with great on-ground and ‘in-river’ restoration projects occurring across the Murray-Darling Basin, and beyond. Riverspace connects people to each other, and to their natural environment, with stories, videos and links to organisations also committed to protecting, restoring and celebrating our wonderful watery places.

Demonstrating how we can use environmental water to enhance and sustain our rivers and wetlands is another key aim of Riverspace.  We want people to be able to explore ‘water for the environment’ in a fun, interesting and non-political way.  Stories on Riverspace share what water for the environment actually means, in real terms, along our creeks, floodplains and local waterways.

 For Riverspace to grow, we would love like-minded organisations to become sponsors, share their stories, and support our work.  Sponsorship is used for ongoing costs associated with running the Riverspace website, including:

  • Website hosting and management costs
  • Website content development, client communications and marketing
  • Social media and newsletter content development and management

When you become a sponsor of Riverspace you can share your stories widely through the website, social media, and Australian River Restoration Centre and Murray-Darling Wetland Working Group networks.

Riverspace is a joint venture between two not-for-profit organisations, the Australian River Restoration Centre and the Murray-Darling Wetlands Working Group.  Both organisations are committed to sharing knowledge, valuing people and managing our rivers and wetlands for current and future generations, and welcome sponsors who share their beliefs and support their work.  What is really exciting about becoming a sponsor is that we want to develop a relationship with you, and tell your stories on Riverspace.  You will become a valued member of the Riverspace team and a part of our ever-expanding network.

Contact us to find out more about sponsoring Riverspace and becoming part of our community

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