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Particular species require tailored management strategies to promote breeding and create conditions in which they can thrive.

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    Fine dining from waterways

    Natasha Childs serves up a feast of information on wetland food webs. Rivers and wetlands are a haven for native wildlife. Where there’s water, there’s food…and a long list of wetland animals waiting to dine out on a menu of plants, insects, fish, frogs and more. The aquatic food web begins at a microscopic level. […]

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    Norman's Lagoon, East Albury

    Close to the heart of Albury, Norman’s Lagoon is a billabong on the Murray River floodplain which once contained clear water, high-quality diverse aquatic vegetation and significant native fish populations. The 2001-2009 drought caused a decline in the health of the Lagoon, however, a recent partnership between AlburyCity and Murray LLS has focused attention on the wetland’s restoration, a major priority for biodiversity conservation in the Albury area.

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    WIRRAMINNA is a wonderful volunteer run and community based project which fosters an understanding of native plants and animals within our local woodland environments. It occupies four hectares of formerly unused ground around the old government dam, between the school and the recreation ground in Burrumbuttock, 30 km north of Albury, in southern NSW. From its […]

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    Wonga Wetlands

    Wonga Wetlands is situated on the Murray River, just 5 minutes from the Albury CBD, and offers stunning sightseeing, birdwatching and bushwalking opportunities on 80 hectares of floodplain. The site is used by members of the public, school groups and researchers who all come to enjoy and learn about riverine and wetland ecosystems. The history […]