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Riverine plants and animals require particular habitats and water flows to thrive unfortunately these have been significantly altered through human intervention. Here we are trying to 'put back' what we have taken away.

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    Glenelg River Restoration Project

    Over fourteen years the Project has worked with over 659 individual landholders, community groups and government agencies to help construct 1725km of fencing, planted more than half a million trees and direct seeded 796km of waterway frontage. The restoration program has also completed 2784ha of weed control, re-instated 870 pieces of large wood, opened 977km of the Glenelg river and its tributaries to fish movement and established and delivered an environmental flows entitlement.

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    Dewfish Demonstration Reach

    The Dewfish Demonstration Reach is Queensland’s first Native Fish Strategy ( Demonstration reach. It was established to demonstrate and promote what can be done to achieve a healthy river system for native fish and the greater river catchment. The reach is managed by a dedicated team at the Condamine Alliance (, who strive to achieve positive outcomes for native fish whilst engaging the community in their river.