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Particular species require tailored management strategies to promote breeding and create conditions in which they can thrive.

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    Boorowa River Recovery

    The Boorowa catchment is characterised by farms of various sizes (from 100 ha up to 5000 ha) including rural residential holdings and small regional centres. The main town in the catchment is Boorowa with a population of 2390 (ABS 2010). The area has a long heritage of fine wool production but this has been declining due to changing terms of trade since the 1970’s, and long periods of drought (Race 2007). Poor water quality and unsustainable land management have also affected productivity and eroded the resource base for future income and livelihoods both on and off farm.

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    Environmental watering of Fletchers Creek: the value of project partnerships

    Fletchers Creek is an ephemeral creek, that when flows, empties into Fletchers Lake and is located about 7 km north-west of Dareton, in western New South Wales.
    The Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd. and the Barkindji Maraura Elders Environment Team have entered into a partnership project to deliver and monitor environmental water to Fletchers Creek.