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Explore oral histories, insightful stories, traditional ecological knowledge and human connection to our river systems.
  • Aboriginal Insights

    Learn about the cultural and personal connections Aboriginal people have with our river systems.
  • Heritage Stories

    People communicate through stories, here we share great tales from Australia's rivers and the communities that live beside them.

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    Dharriwaa: The Narran Lakes

    The Narran Lakes (Dharriwaa) in north-west NSW are a site of cultural and ecological significance. As part of the Western Catchment Management Authority’s (now Western Local Land Services) Through Our Eyes Project, stories have been gathered about the  cultural and ecological importance of this special part of Australia. The Narran Lakes are a deeply spiritual place […]

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    'Ponde' the Murray Cod - River Creator

    Aboriginal people have had a close association with the Murray and Darling Rivers for tens of thousands of years, and it is widely accepted that the Murray Cod was, and continues to be, an important and central part of these relationships. The traditional, historic and contemporary associations and significance of the iconic Murray Cod for […]