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Explore oral histories, insightful stories, traditional ecological knowledge and human connection to our river systems.
  • Aboriginal Insights

    Learn about the cultural and personal connections Aboriginal people have with our river systems.
  • Heritage Stories

    People communicate through stories, here we share great tales from Australia's rivers and the communities that live beside them.

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    Fine dining from waterways

    Natasha Childs serves up a feast of information on wetland food webs. Rivers and wetlands are a haven for native wildlife. Where there’s water, there’s food…and a long list of wetland animals waiting to dine out on a menu of plants, insects, fish, frogs and more. The aquatic food web begins at a microscopic level. […]

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    Lachlan River Catchment History

    My father had the stories; he always used to say that at Easter time he wouldn’t have to buy fish, he would just catch a fish, down the Lachlan here, always four to five cod and not much of anything else, that’s what dad used to tell us. There was also what they used to […]

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    Fiery Creek Restoration Project

    The Fiery Creek Restoration Project is protecting and restoring the upper reaches of Fiery Creek which contain some of the best examples of remnant riparian vegetation and physical habitat in the Upper Hopkins Basin.