Rainbow-Beeeater-Branch Australia’s rivers, creeks, wetlands and billabongs are highly valued for the range of environmental, cultural, recreational and social benefits they provide. We love being near water, and across our country there are communities and organisations working hard to protect, restore and revitalise those waterways that need a helping hand.

Riverspace brings together the latest river and wetland projects, so that anyone with an interest in our waterways can find out more about what is happening in their region, or in other parts of Australia.

Riverspace also features a range of tourism and recreation ventures that link to rivers so  people can learn about experiences that connect them to these wonderful parts of our world. Whether it be kayaking or house-boating, dining or fishing, Riverspace brings research, practice and our enjoyment of rivers all together into the one place – truly being a

…place for wetlands, rivers and people…

Riverspace is the brainchild of Siwan Lovett and Deborah Nias, who have worked in the river management sector for many years, and who have formed a great friendship and respect for the organisations each manages.  The Australian River Restoration Centre (Siwan) and Murray-Darling Wetlands Working Group (Deb) are not-for-profit organisation,s passionate about restoring, supporting and inspiring people to care for their rivers and wetlands.

Dr Siwan Lovett, Director Australian River Restoration Centre

Dr Siwan Lovett, Director Australian River Restoration Centre

Dr Deborah Nias, CEO, Murray-Darling Wetland Working Group

Dr Deborah Nias, CEO, Murray-Darling Wetland Working Group

Why Riverspace?

Riverspace is timely, as a number of organisations such as the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority are required to deliver environmental water and report on progress.   Wetland and river management in Australia is currently fragmented and Riverspace is needed to provide a space where everyone can share the work they are doing within the broader context of community life.

Features work in a way that is meaningful to others

Riverspace provides organisations with an independently managed website, staffed by a professional and experienced science communication team, who can advise and assist on the best way to feature the work they are undertaking in ways that make it relevant and meaningful for people.

Independent platform with no bureaucratic and political constraints

Riverspace is fully funded by the ARRC and MDWWG Ltd.  This means it is fully independent, making it an attractive venture to be a part of as it is outside many of the bureaucratic and political constraints that other agencies must operate within.

Interactive, exploratory website through a combination of the latest technology and visual design

Riverspace uses a sophisticated, yet well-known Google map interface, enabling users to zoom in and out and discover a wealth of information at a range of scales.  Beautiful visual images are combined with text, video and audio to give a user experience that is varied, interesting and caters for different people’s learning and knowledge searching preferences.

First of its kind in Australia, with unlimited potential

Riverspace is dynamic and designed to grow.  There is no equivalent website in Australia (or the world) that synthesises and presents research and practical information on wetlands and rivers alongside other waterway activities.  The scope for expansion beyond the natural resources management sector is immense, with the Arts Community, National Parks, Tourism Australia and the Education sector examples of potential contributors and users of Riverspace.

Value for money and easy to manage

Riverspace is inclusive and represents excellent value for money for the government, no-government and private sector agencies through an annual subscription service.  Riverspace provides self-managed options through to a comprehensive project management service where organisations can employ skilled communicators to write, upload and maintain the projects they wish to feature on the site.

Innovative, exciting and allows you to celebrate what you do best

Riverspace is innovative and exciting and embodies the philosophy of the organisation’s responsible for its development, the not-for-profit Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group and the Australian River Restoration Centre.  Riverspace provides these organisations with the opportunity to do what they do best, providing a long-term, stable ‘space’ to share and celebrate our wetland and river investments.

Riverspace is for everyone, and we hope that you will want to become a part of this exciting, collaborative, knowledge sharing adventure.

Siwan & Deborah

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